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"2002 Horse Journal Product of the Year"

"A calmative can't replace training. A horse that's too much for a rider needs a new home or professional training. That said, there are times when a horse gets on edge for acceptable reasons and needs help. We prefer to try to combat the problem nutritionally, reaching first for magnesium and thiamine, which are nicely combined in Ex Stress, made by Peak Performance." - Horse Journal December 2002

"2007 Horse Journal Product of the Year"

"The idea behind electrolyte supplementation is to replace the nutrients lost through sweat. Therefore, a good electrolyte will include those ingredients at levels that closely match those lost through sweat. This is it. Plus, it contains no sugars or fillers." - Horse Journal December 2007

July 2007 Horse Journal Article:
"Avoid Tying-Up With Muscle Management"

"Proprietary blend of potassium chloride, sodium bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium, vitamin E and selenium. These ingredients cover the major nutritional bases, and the product has performed well for us."

"For added control with horses prone to tying up, we would reach first for Tie Free 24, which covers the major nutritional bases."

May 2007 Horse Journal Article:
"Magnesium And Thiamine Are No. 1 Nutrients For Calming"

"Consistent top performer over the years. No fillers means less to feed. Good middle-of-the-road magnesium dose with high B levels so you can adjust down if too much effect without losing B potency."

March 2007 Horse Journal Article:
"Electrolyte Products Should Match Sweat"

"Perfectly balanced to match sweat losses. Very concentrated formula with no sugars or other fillers."

"Our pick for concentrations of electrolytes/oz, price and correct balances is Peak Performance's Perfect Balance Electrolite."

January 2006 Horse Journal Article:
"Products To Promote Muscle Growth"

"Designed as a preperformance booster. The vitamin-B profile is conducive to efficient energy generation without making the horse "hot. We tried it on a 2-year-old filly who was on the nervous side, prone to low-grade muscular cramping/pain, had a poor appetite and was beginning to lose some muscle definition over her shoulders, chest and rump. Product was administered 1/2 tube half hour before and after exercise. She was calmer, ate better and also filled out..."

January 2006 Horse Journal Article:
"Products To Promote Muscle Growth"

"Modest but visible improvements in neck and shoulder muscling, up to 0.75 cm increases in forearm circumference, no change in BCS after supplementation for 2 weeks in the feed of two 2-year-old fillies in heavy training. Best results seen in a 3-year-old filly having problems with muscular cramping, mildly elevated muscle enzymes and poor muscling. That filly received 10 grams immediately before and after exercise, as a paste with 2 oz. of maltodextrin powder. After 2 weeks, her forearm circumference improved 1 cm, muscle stiffness was relieved, muscle enzymes normalized and her trainer reported she was working much more easily."

December 2005 Horse Journal Article:
"Joint Nutraceuticals: Lots Of Choices; Price is Key"

"Moderate dose glucosamine, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, with anti-inflammatory effects from boswellia, bioflavonoids, also glutamine and trace minerals. Improvement of 1.5 to 2 lameness grades by 1 to 2 weeks, including 2 horses that did not respond well to full dose glucosamine. The lower dose is effective in older horses and horses in low level work; higher dose may be needed for maximal benefit in high performance horses."

December 2005 Horse Journal Article:
"Joint Nutraceuticals: Lots Of Choices; Price is Key"

"Pure glucosamine sulfate. Improvement of up to 1.5 lameness grades can be seen at 2 to 4 weeks, with best results obtained in joints that do not have extensive changes in radiographs."

December 2005 Horse Journal Article:
"Joint Nutraceuticals: Lots Of Choices; Price is Key"

"High dose glucosamine and Ester-C with added low dose devil's claw, bioflavonoids, manganese and zinc. Improvements of up to 1.5 lameness grades at the 2 week mark in both active and inactive horses with chronic joint problems. Inactive horses may hold their improvement at half the regular dose."

August 2004 Horse Journal Article:
"Your Horse Needs Antioxidant-Laced Fuel"

"Excellent vitamin E levels and selenium low enough to be compatible with other feeds that may also contain selenium. Inclusion of Ester-C assists with keeping vitamin E in a functional state...Best tried for muscular soreness, allergies, poor immune function..."

September 2004 Horse Journal Article:
"Build Blood For Added Performance"

"If your horse is health and you're looking for a supplement to cover all the bases in nutritional support - and therefore be a good "blood builder" - we suggest...Peak Performance Nutrients' Pro V.M."

"Pro V.M. is the best if you also need a maintenance dose of glucosamine, plus higher lysine, methionine and biotin."

December 2003 Horse Journal Article:
"Joint Supplements: Work Your Way Up"

"Top quality ingredients with no fillers, minimal feeding volume a boon for picky eaters. Excellent and rapid results."

January 2003 Horse Journal Article:
"Combination Supplements Say They're All You Need"

"For heavily stressed peformance horses, we think it would be tough to beat the combination in Pro V.M."

"While we can't tell you that feeding this will take care of any horse's supplement needs for any particular problem, or that it will balance the minerals for any diet, the claims aren't as far fetched as it may seem. The generous B vitamin levels in this product will impact on the claims for blood builder, calming, stress/fatigue, performance and even tying-up in some cases. Excellent vitamin E level, and the 1 mg of selenium will be highly bioavailable compared to most products since all the minerals in this supplement are chelated. Immune-system support comes in from the vitamin E-selenium, as well as glutamine and antioxidant minerals/vitamins. Horses with muscul problems will also benefit from the branched chain amino acids, and inflammation anywhere gets help from the antioxidant minerals, bioflavonoids, E and C. Glucosamine present at a common maintenance dose so active problems may need some boosting initially. Biotin, methionine and zinc at levels good enoug to have an impact in most situations. This supplement is particularly good choice for performance horses already on a faily good plane of nutrition but being heavily stressed and likely to benefit from some extra support."

July 2002 Horse Journal Article:
"Head Off Trouble With Ex Stress"

"This product may help fill the gap if a horse temporarily goes over the edge, using a combination of natural calmative ingredients."

"The magnesium and thiamine in Ex Stress are right on the money."

"Excellent choice for the horse that responds best to a combination of Bs and magnesium. Generous magnesium/dose and very high B levels means you can adjust dose of magnesium down if needed without losing effectiveness of the Bs...No fillers, so the amount you give is a small volume."

"However, Peak Performance's Ex Stress gets the nod as our overall favorite calmative, since you have leeway to adjust the magnesium dose will still getting effective levels of the B vitamins."

January 2002 Horse Journal Article:
"Mix A Sports Drink For Your Horse"

"For the most economical sports drink mixture, we'd combine...Peak Performance's B.C.A.A. Complex."

October 2001 Horse Journal Article:
"Supplement Shopping"

"Excellent mineral supplement for control of stiffness, muscle pain and tying-up."

"Regardless of the cause of your horse's tying-up, correct mineral supplementation can often either minimize the problem or eliminate it entirely. In our book, the best in this regard is definitely Tie Free from Peak Performance."

June 2001 John Lyons Perfect Horse Article:
"Electrolytes: Vital Minerals"

"We'll tell you what electrolytes are and why they're vital. Then we'll explain why Perfect Balance Electrolite is our choice when your horse needs this type of supplement."

"When you work your horse long or hard enough to worry about electrolyte losses in sweat, our choice is Peak Performance's Perfect Balance Electrolite. Not only does it provide exactly the right amount of electrolytes, following the 1:1:2 rule, but it is also a concentrated product requiring just 2 teaspoons for each 2 grams of sodium lost during exercise."

May 1999 Horse Journal Article:
"Winning Nutrition"

"Joint Renew II (Peak Performance Nutrients) contains no fillers, meaning you can feed much smaller amounts for equivalent effects, a real plus for finicky eaters. The recommended dosage is in line with our findings - 10 grams (two servings) per day of glucosamine. The array and dosage of supporting nutrients is also excellent: Ester-C, bioflavonoids, devil's claw, manganese and zinc. Response was excellent."