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Blitz! Paste Original Formula

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Strongest Oral Vitamin/Mineral Jug per 80 cc Tube

• Helps keep horses fresh
• Helps horse to finish the event stronger
• Supports recovery
• Replenishes nutrients lost during intense activity
• May help horses maintain their top speed longer

Blitz! Paste incorporates the latest research and field trials into the ultimate pre-event vitamin/mineral jug for highly trained performance horses. More than an electrolyte, more than an amino acid paste, more than a vitamin/mineral and more than a digestive support product, Blitz! Paste combines over 35 food grade ingredients in the proper proportion and dose for the fastest absorbing, most concentrated product of its kind. Every performance horse could use a little more assurance before the big event...Blitz! Paste is here to help.

Directions for Use:
• Training: Administer 1/2 tube (Approx. 40 cc) 1 hour before and after exercise.
• Performance: Administer 1 tube (Approx. 80 cc) 3-4 hours before exercise.
• Endurance Exercise: Administer 1/3 tube (Approx. 26 cc) every 2-3 hours of activity.
Note: Use in accordance with event rules which govern the use of all products, including the timing for when products may be used.

Serving Size:
• 1/2 Tube - 40 cc

Disclaimer: Except as otherwise provided herein, no warranties are expressed or implied. Neither Peak Performance Nutrients, Inc. nor its authorized resellers will be responsible for any consequential, incidental, special or indirect damages arising out of the use of this product.


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